Thank You

First and foremost I would like to thank my Creator & Father in Heaven – GOD. Thank you for Creation & for sending your Son Jesus the Christ to redeem us and be our High Priest & Passover Lamb. LORD, thank you for the Holy Spirit to which I owe so much credit for communication and inspiration as well as all the spiritual gifts which I often overlook. Thank God for the Trinity in which I place my faith above any religion or government.

God Bless America, the “home of the brave & land of the free”. I never take my “freedom” for granted. I cherish the country I live in. This is where I have the freedom of speech, as well as the freedom of religion. Having a voice and a choice is what Christian Hip-Hop couldn’t survive without.

To my Bride whom I love like Christ loves the Church; Miss Courtney Renee Jennings. I adore you and I pursue you daily, even when you don’t see or hear. I appreciate you and your patience every day. Thank you for saying yes to this man and for allowing God to continue to work on me, in me, and through me. I pray Jesus will always be our foundation. I pray I can be your spiritual leader 24/7. I pray to be your best friend and lover always. I am striving to be that ‘Anchor Man’. May God bless us and our family and show us favor. I love you sweets!

My family, my family. Where would I be without you? I love and appreciate each and every one of you. I will not bore you by listing all your names, but if you pay me enough next time, I will definitely put your name here ______

To the wonderful world of coffee and tea. I guess the Downtown Starbucks has quite the Barista on their hands huh? To all my lovely loyal customers; Thank You for keeping me in business. Thanks for all your encouraging words, as well as your smiles. I love seeing you guys and gals on the regular.

Young Life! Shout out to the South Salem Saxons! You guys are awesome. Club is always a blast. I love seeing you guys every week. Young Life is more than a part time volunteer job. It’s a living. A lifestyle. A fellowship.

Lastly, but not lastly. To my City of Shalom. I appreciate you for being a city of character. Don’t let anyone forsake you or take you for granted. I hope they will find your true meaning – Peace. Thank you for allowing me to reside here and make fans within your walls and hubs.

To every fan that ever bought my music. Thank you!
To every person that heard my music for free. Thank You!
I do this for you. I want my music and my life to flow through your eardrums and into your heart. I hope I can encourage + inspire you with my words, with my life, and with my art. This is a God given talent and I will never take it for granted, nor will I take any of you for granted.