What In The [Memory Box]?

What exactly is a [Memory Box] ?

A memory box is a vessel that contains various items relating to an individual’s personal life experience.

The keepsakes inside hold great significance and help obtain memories of past events.

[Memory Box] includes all music & lyrics by Chris Treborn.

This album features a few of his testimonial songs, and spiritually savvy + scripture based songs.


Who Is Chris Treborn?

Christian uses the stage name of Chris Treborn to bring glory – not to himself, but to his savior Christ Jesus (John 3:30). Chris Treborn is not just a person, Chris Treborn is also a ministry. This ministry consists of poetry and hip-hop to reach the generations with love to share the good news. The goal is to show them how they can better their lives and communities by following good examples.

Christian has been writing poetry and songs since 1995. After the passing of his baby sister in 1996, Christian decided to write stories to share morals and his understandings of life. In 1999 he began recording conscious hip-hop and in 2001 he formed G-Rated Entertainment (now known as Soul Anchor Music). Since then he has been using music to reach his peers and the youth. He has recorded over 100 songs and has been performing on stage since 2003. He has also created songs for companies and organizations like In-N-Out Burger, Starbucks, East Bay Muscle, and Break The Chain Apparel. He has performed at Relay for Life & National Night Out (in his community), as well as Churches, parks, company picnics, record release concerts, harvest festivals, birthday parties, family reunions, skate shops, cafes, lounges, pizzerias, fundraisers, and even car washes. The sky is the limit.